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Yacht Nett Riviera tuck mount cleaning machine


YACHT NETT RIVIERA is a company specialized in cleaning luxury yachts, part of CLEAN NETT GROUP, with an experience mainly in Western Europe on the territory of France, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Montenegro, etc. Upon establishing a branch in France in 2016, we aim to offer you a better quality for the price you are ready to pay. Correctness, Promptness, Quality, Loyalty, and Trust are only part of the values our company follows. It helps our development during the last 10 years and wins recognition on the markets so far. By choosing us, you’ll find a partner you’ll fully trust. We’ll keep on searching ways to improve our services so that we properly respond to your expectations. Constantly refining on our competitive advantages, we’ll add value to your product or service.


We are on your disposal for questions 24/7 ,a day! On place, by email or by phone we you can have your quote during the day that you have ordered it.


Covering a wide range of cleaning activities for Houses and luxury Villas, We strive to fully satisfy the needs of the Client with One Call!


All our team members have completed our own training course. We believe that only well-trained people are able to meet your high expectations.


YACHT NETT RIVIERA is a professional cleaning company founded in 2006 as a part of the Clean Nett Group, which boasts an extensive experience in Europe and America, and based on a survey of the sector’s needs and opportunities. In our activity, we use only cleaning equipment and detergents from leading global manufacturers, as well as the most innovative and effective technologies. We work in direct partnership with leading companies in the sector, including AIRFLEX, CHEMSPEC , PROCHEM, HYDRA MASTER, etc.

Using their unique products and working methods, we offer a one-of-a-kind product, which is competitive and affordable for the Clients, and unrivaled in terms of cost-efficiency.

We chose this working method after realizing from our practice that the products of most companies operating on the market are not as effective and affordable as Ours.

We have the necessary equipment and experience to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the cleaning. Whether you require a thorough, weekly or monthly cleaning, in the evening or over weekends, YACHT NETT RIVIERA is at your service at a convenient time!

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