A cleaning detergent dissolved in hot water /95C/ is sprayed under high pressure /60 atm./, which removes dirt, kills bacteria and at the same time the machine uses a very powerful vacuum to extract dirt. Due to the high water temperature, your moquette is left disinfected. This cleaning method is the only one that will leave your moquette /carpet/ cleaned in-depth. Without a doubt, this is the most effective, most powerful way to wash carpets and moquette, and the only method that washes in-depth, removes dirt, bacteria, fungi, stains and tobacco deposits. If you want your moquette and carpets to be professionally cleaned by the specialists at Clean Nett Yacht and to look like new, you should contact us and see the results for yourself.


1. Determining the structural fibers, the type of soft flooring, and the level of soiling. This important aspect is often underestimated, but for us, it is of utmost importance. The correct evaluation of the soil level and the type of flooring is at the core of the decision on which detergents are to be applied, which largely determines the final result. 2. Vacuum cleaning using professional equipment for the deep extraction of dirt and from the fibers. This allows step 3 to achieve its goal to the greatest degree. 3.Professional pre-spray based on enzymes, which penetrate deep into the soiled areas and disintegrate dirt. By binding with dirt, the pre-spray helps for its easy removal from the fabric. 4. Steam-extraction method for deep cleaning of structural fibers, thus killing all bacteria in the deep. This is a two-component process of machine washing. 5. Treating of already cleaned surfaces with a special detergent All Fiber Rinse, which normalizes alkalinity of previously used detergents to the level of PH-7. This leads to stabilizing the cleaning process and prevention of unexpected stains. The fabrics become soft to the touch, and the colors are more fresh and bright. Neutralizes and reduces the likelihood of allergic reactions. 6. Scenting.


When applied to the fabric, it creates a surface protection, so that no accidentally spilled liquid can penetrate beneath the surface of fabrics, and as a result, it is much easier to clean and will not cause a stain. The protector's penetration capacity allows it to easily cover the entire fabric, so that even in the event of spills no damage will be caused and removal will be very easy. BENEFITS OF USING THE PROTECTOR: 1. The use of a protector gives time for reaction, so in the event that a liquid is spilled /juice, wine, coffee, etc./, it would be removed before permanent damage /a permanent stain/ is caused to the soft floor. 2. Soft floors will look newer and will remain clean for longer. Applying the protector and its recurrent cleaning with a vacuum cleaner alone will prolong the life of your fabrics, while cleaning will be much easier and more effective.