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Bleach Spots on carpets and rugs are caused due to multiple reasons. One of the most common reasons being the usage and spillage of cleaning agents that consist of whitening chemicals, bleach such as toilet cleaners and laundry detergents.

Pet urine is another common culprit for bleaching carpets and rugs. pH levels in pet urine turn from acid to alkaline over time, which leads to discoloration of carpets and rugs in yellow, green or white hues.

Some of the other products that also cause bleach spots or color loss on carpets and rugs are nail polish removers, acne control products, and products containing hydrogen peroxide.

Unsightly stains, Heavily marked areas or Urine stains affected areas are major turn-offs experienced by renters or prospective home buyers, and it tends to reflect poorly on your home maintenance capabilities.

Many carpet and rug owners believe that there are only two options when it comes to tackling bleached spots, i.e., Cleaning and Replacement.

Cleaning will not work as it is a bleached area, not a stained area. Full Carpet Replacement is a costly process for a couple of bleached areas!

The most practical and economical way to fix bleach spots or repair bleach spots is Carpet Dyeing and Rug Restoration Services.

Whether is it one small bleach spot that has to be color matched, Color Loss repair caused by cleaning agent or Sun Faded areas – YACHT NETT RIVIERA offers exceptional solutions to tackle the issues at significantly lower costs than replacing carpets.

Spot Bleach Repairs or Spot Dyeing is the most convenient and cost-effective method to fix bleach spots and color loss on carpets. Carpet Dyeing and Rug Restoration Experts will customize dye solutions to match your existing carpet or rug shade.

Carpet Dyeing and Rug Restoration experts start by thoroughly analyzing the spots and areas that need to be fixed. Followed by creating a custom composition of high-quality permanent dyes to fix the bleach spots.

Yacht owners or Property owners will not have to face any downtime as the dyed areas can be walked on immediately.



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If you are facing the dilemma of whether you should buy or dye ? — we can help you make the decision.

Whether it is a small-bleached spot, color loss or urine affected areas on your rugs or carpets. Get in touch with us on or +33762821677 for a free quote.

We offer our expert services in all South France Area. For Europe services – please get in touch with us here.

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