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Curtains Cleaning on place

The easiest way to clean your curtains without taking them down is to simply to call YACHT NETT RIVIERA. We will use special system and tools to remove loose dirt, dust, and smells. The dry cleaning method is great for gently cleaning hanging curtains from top to the bottom.

The cleaning methods we use

Hot Water Extraction

It is often confused with “steam cleaning” but it’s a bit different and way more effective. Here’s how it works: a special machine is used to apply a mixture of hot water and a detergent on the fabric. This effectively loosens the accumulated dust from the items. And while this is happening, the nozzle almost simultaneously vacuums the fabric, extracting 98% of moisture along with all the detached unsanitary agents. That method is used in 95% of the missions.

Dry Curtain Cleaning

Dry powder or a professional solved is applied to the item and carefully rubbed in with rotating brushes. This effectively loosens the accumulated dust and deodorizes the piece. At the end, it is thoroughly vacuum-cleaned to removes all substances and dirt. That can be applied for a special delicate material curtains only.


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Is it possible curtains to be cleaned on place?

Curtains on the yacht needs to be cleaned on place for multiple reasons. The danger of the curtains shrinking, changing color or being completely damaged is very high if a washing machine is used to wash them. Cleaning them on place using methods and tools specialized for this will guarantee you a brilliant result with zero risk of damage.

How often should the curtains on my yacht be cleaned?

In a marine environment, air with high humidity and dust, we recommend that the curtains be cleaned every 3 months minimum. By cleaning them regularly, you create a healthy environment free of allergens, dust, and smells. Your curtains will look refreshed and disinfected, like the first day.

How long does it take for the curtains to dry out?

They will be just slightly damp after the service, so they’ll dry out in a few hours.


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