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YACHT NETT RIVIERA is proud to offer your yacht outdoor furniture cleaning specialized to keep it in perfect condition. With years of experience, we have the tools and solutions necessary to clean any type of outdoor furniture at your convenience. The furniture on the outside of your yacht is just as important as the furniture inside your vessel and is more susceptible to dirt and damage. Outdoor furniture is usually the first thing people see whether they are coming aboard your vessel or are simply passing by. It’s significant to perform a regular Yacht Outdoor Furniture Cleaning not only to maintain its appearance but also to prolong its lifespan, preventing the need to replace it every so often. At YACHT NETT RIVIERA, we understand the environment and whether our boat comes in contact with when out on the seas or even just docked at a marina. Whether it’s the UV rays from the sun, salt from the water, or simply dirt that stays left behind from guests, outdoor furniture is bound to get worn down and dirty. With our full-service outdoor cleaning crew, we can make your outdoor furniture look brand new again, and you can continue to ride in luxury.




Do you know how to clean exterior furniture?

With over 16 years of experience cleaning both interior furniture and exterior yacht furniture, no job is too big or too small for our team.

How difficult is to clean furniture made for exterior use?

Since yacht 0utdoor furniture cleaning can be more difficult than indoor furniture cleaning, we make sure to take the extra time to evaluate the fabrics and give them a deep cleaning that you will notice. All solutions and equipment utilized during the process or eco-friendly and our team members will come directly to your yacht whether it be docked at a shipyard, port.

Your satisfaction is our top priority. Give YACHT NETT RIVIERA a call today and request a free estimate.

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