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Fabric Upholstery Cleaning

For fabric cleaning of your furniture including: Sofa cleaning; armchair cleaning; recliner cleaning; and cushion cleaning, we start with a thorough inspection for any stains and fabric requirements. Our experience working with almost every material known to man allows us to use the precise method to keep your upholstery at peak condition without diluting the original color.

Our pro solvents will lift dirt better than many harsh chemical alternatives on the market. As the solution soaks out the dirt and debris from the fibers, we employ hot water to extract any remaining particles. After a complete dry of the fabric, we ensure all remaining water is removed and apply a Dupont coat for extra protection or an anti-microbial layer to prevent any future stains and reduce the spread of germs and allergens.


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Can you clean leather furniture ?

If you have ever tried to clean leather clothing, seats, or furniture than you understand how intricate the process can be. Don’t risk the leather to become brittle and dry or fade in color. Just as with any of our services, we begin with an examination of the piece for stains and color test, followed by a plan of attack using our environmentally safe solvents.

YACHT NETT RIVIERA use special pH balanced leather cleaner and leather conditioner to treat and condition leather. This deep clean and replenishes well-needed moisture that the leather requires to look and feel its best. It also removes any unwanted oils that contribute to darkened stains from wear and tear. The addition of a heat treating process helps the leather absorb the most it can from the moisture rich creams and adds a new sheen to your leather furniture that will make it look new again.

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