Wall Fabric Cleaning


Wall Fabric Cleaning

Upholstering a wall is an excellent way to add both color and texture to your yacht. It adds a beautiful and luxurious touch to interiors and offers a unique look. If you choose to upholster a wall in your vessel, there are several fabrics you might choose. They include silk, wool, mohair, and cotton. Each of the fabrics available provides different effects and cater to different budgets. When you upholster a wall, you have to keep the fabric clean. As it is attached to the wall, it’s not as easy as putting the fabric in the washing machine. Professional wall upholstery cleaning can help you, and YACHT NETT RIVIERA is one of the few businesses that can provide it.

Many fabrics are common choices for upholstering walls. If you already have upholstered walls, you should know the differences between them. They need to be cared for in different ways, so make sure you know what sort of fabric it is.


Silk is a delicate fabric, but it’s a popular choice for upholstered walls. It has a lovely feel and a beautiful, delicate look to it too. However, silk is also a very lightweight and thin fabric. It is often backed with another fabric to give it extra stability. Our cleaners are aware of this and make sure they take care when cleaning silk upholstered walls.


Chintz is a cotton fabric printed with multiple colors, which is finished with a glaze. It is typically used for curtains and upholstery, so it makes an excellent choice for upholstered walls. Chintz must be cleaned carefully so that its glaze isn’t removed. Our professional team members will ensure that it will remain intact.


Cotton is a fabric that is widely used for many purposes in lots of variations. It makes a magnificent choice for upholstering walls as it can be anywhere from light to heavy weight. It’s important to know the type of cotton to clean it properly, which is why professional cleaners are best.


Wool is sometimes chosen to upholster walls too. Wool can have a luxurious look, and it provides a warm texture. Caring for wool can be a little harder than with some other materials, so extra care is needed to clean it.


Many people love velvet for the feel it offers. Running your hand along a velvet wall can be great. However, it can be harder to keep clean, especially when it comes to keeping dust and hair away.


Mohair comes from the wool of the Angora goat (not to be confused with the rabbit). It is prized for its softness and works well for wall upholstery. A delicate touch is required to clean it.

YACHT NETT RIVIERA wall upholstery cleaning professionals will clean your upholstered walls using the last technologies and tools. We take great care to finish the cleaning to a high standard. This highly-specialized service is only available from a few businesses, and we are proud to be one of them.


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Is it important to hire professional, trained staff to clean your delicate fabric walls?

The answer is a resounding Yes! Fabric Walls they are delicate and improper cleaning leads to their damage in 90% of cases. To be sure that the methods, cleaning products and technologies applied are correct, contact our professionals from Yacht Nett Riviera.


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