Yacht Exterior Cleaning and Detailing

The first impression you make, should often be the best impression you make. A good looking yacht is one that is shiny and clean looking all around from front to back. At Clean Nett Yacht we offer an extensive Yacht Exterior Cleaning and Detailing for any size vessel. The outside surface of the boat is often what faces the harshest conditions from the wind, rain, sea water and sun it encounters everyday. These factors, over time, begin to collect on the outside, giving your vessel a rather unappealing look. Our crew is specially trained to handle the tools and equipment to make the exterior of your boat look as though it was just purchased. With fine attention to detail, no spots are ever missed and the job is accomplished in a timely manner according to your schedule.


As a full service yacht care company, we take the time to inspect every inch of the vessel to ensure that the proper treatment is performed and a free estimate is given. With over 11 years of experience in Yacht Exterior Cleaning and Detailing for yachts, we guarantee the best clean that will have your guests in amazement as well as your fellow ships that pass by on the sea. With Clean Nett Yacht, all exterior cleaning and detailing is performed with eco-friendly tools and solutions to ensure no added pollution into the atmosphere. We take the environment very seriously and as a partner of the Environmental Protection Agency, you can be assured that everything we use is safe and harmless to our wildlife.


Boat compounding and waxing is another one of our specialties. While competitors worry about one/two/three-step waxing services, our boat detailers focus on making boats look beautiful, thus putting a smile on your face. Whether you need a quick-wash or a full exterior detailing service, our team is equipped with the best quality wax and compounding compounding products, ready for any type of job: cleaner wax, oxidation removal, gel-coating, and more.


Complete Waxing with Compounds/UV Protection Plans Paint and Gel-Coat Restoration Services Nano-Coating Applications Weekly Wash Services Metal Polishing and Seal Teak Deck Sanding & Refinishing Engine Room Detailing and Painting Bottom Cleaning-Zinc and Rudder inspection