Clean Nett Yacht

Professional Yacht Cleaner

Yachts are kept in a harsh environment – dirt, the weather, and nature all have their impact. Each boat’s condition and that of its equipment will deteriorate, if left to the effect of all these factors without taking due care of it, namely “regular cleaning”. It will:
– Expand the pleasure of using your yacht;
– Significantly improve its overall condition;
– Increase its value when it’s time to sell it;
– Improve the reliability of the marine equipment;
– Reduce the total maintenance expenses;

Clean Nett Yacht uses only exceptional cleaning products of leading manufacturers in the USA including the most effective technologies.With a full range of cleaning services and unique detergents, we will meet your needs with just one phone call, and your yacht will always look like new.

We can create programs that fit your needs and budget or we can simply offer the service you need.

Professional yacht services:

– polishing and cleaning parts from stainless steel, brass, etc.

– grinding, polishing, conditioning, protection of teak surfaces and decks.

– deep cleaning of spaces and soft floors with professional double-motor vacuum cleaners.

– thorough cleaning of cabinets, wardrobes, chests, niches and spaces. Polishing and protection.

– thorough cleaning of the kitchen unit.

– thorough cleaning of sanitary units.

– thorough cleaning of interior and exterior leather furniture. Applying protectors.

– thorough extraction cleaning of moquette, carpets, sofas, mattresses.

– treatment of internal units with an Ozone generator. Permanent and immediate removal of residual odors, bacteria, mold.

We use only industry-approved products according to their intended purpose. The products are entirely BIO-based and do not cause allergies. Our machinery is intended for cleaning yachts by leading world-class manufacturers, which contributes to and is another guarantee for the quality of our service and your satisfaction with the end result. Our team is trained and motivated to deal with the greatest challenges in the field of cleaning and maintenance of yachts.

Our professional team offers a great diversity of services, so that your yachts are clean and well maintained. This will allow you to enjoy your yacht more often and for a longer period of time.  Whatever your need, Clean Nett Yacht  has the necessary service to match and serve your needs.

Clean Nett Yacht uses the most advanced, safest equipment and available materials. After extensive testing, it was found out that regular cleaning extends a carpet’s life and maintains its good looks. We use one product which not only cleans the carpet pile in depth but also protects from future stains!
Our in-depth cleaning of carpets will contribute toward the removal of stubborn stains, sand, dirt and allergens, as well as for the removal of bad odor in the cabin.

Weather, oils, and the external environment can cause wearing of the wood, making it fade and simultaneously grow mold. To help prevent the formation of mold, rotting or other harmful destruction, Clean Nett Yacht will find out what your boat needs. Sometimes a simple touch leads to a solution to the problem, while in other cases a full repainting, sanding and the application of multiplemethods are needed to bring the wood back to life.

After the boat is polished, you can maintain the shine throughout the season using our services. Whether it is a one-time event or a monthly, bi-weekly or weekly servicing, Clean Nett Yacht will make sure your boat stands out. You can count on us anytime.